Lighting Design and Installation


The merger of function and style - Easy Electrical will help bring your vision to light!

We will work with you develop a lighting plan that provides the ambiance, aesthetics, and security you desire, indoors or out.

Indoor Lighting

We can help make recommendations for the size and placement of lighting throughout your entire home, while also offering guidance about energy efficiency. Indoor lighting that we install can include:

•   Task lighting (Ceiling, Fluorescent, Fans, etc.)
•   Accent lighting (Spotlights, Cabinets, Toe Kicks, LED.)
•   Recessed lighting (Recessed inside ceiling/walls)
•   Custom Lighting (Let's do something cool!)

Outdoor Lighting

We can help you realize or develop a plan that illuminates your home, makes your yard an entertainment oasis and deters criminals. Outdoor lighting can include:

•   Landscape Lighting (Post Lamps, Driveway, Accents for Foilage)
•   Security Lighting (Spotlights, Motion Activated, Dusk-to-Dawn)